White Membrane Roofing in Raymore

Today’s advanced white membrane roofing systems offer a range of benefits suited to the energy and environmentally conscious home and business owner. In addition, a single ply white membrane roof covering offers increased flexibility, protection from UV rays and is easily installed directly over your existing roof. Consult with the licensed and insured roofing specialists at Roofline Restoration & Exteriors for high performance rubberized roofing for your commercial property in Raymore.

What is White Membrane Roofing?

A white membrane roof system provides the same durability and flexibility of an EPDM roofing system with added composites that provide enhanced UV resistance to save on energy costs and keep buildings cooler. In addition, white rubber roofing reinforces roof polymers, is completely waterproof and highly durable. In addition, Roofline Restoration & Exteriors installs cost effective rubber roofing that is reflects a much lower percentage of solar heat into the atmosphere and thus helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Does a White Membrane Roofing System Perform Better Than a Built-Up Roof?

One of the biggest advantages to an EPDM white membrane roofing system is its flexibility which allows for the expansion and contraction that inevitably occurs with any structure due to extreme and harsh weather conditions in Raymore. In fact, properly installed rubberized roofing prevents many of the repair issues that typically affect roof membranes including water ponding, thermal shock and damage from extreme temperature fluctuation. Since EPDM roofing does not contain organic materials that are much more prone to moisture damage and water infiltration, their longevity surpasses built-up roofing systems that cannot stand up as effectively to extreme weather conditions. Roofline Restoration & Exteriors white membrane roofing systems provide exceptional thermal resistance that would normally significantly reduce the lifespan of a built-up roofing system.

White Membrane Roofing Installation

Skilled and experienced Roofline Restoration & Exteriors roofing technicians customize white membrane roofing installations according to the specifics of your existing roofing system in in Raymore using one or a combination of certified methods that included fully adhered glued directly to roof insulation or mechanically fastened with rolled rubber roofing that is then securely fastened into place through insulation boards to create a watertight seal.

Benefit From Advanced Roofing Technology

A leading choice for commercial buildings in Raymore, single ply white membrane roofing offers a range of benefits that include:

Environmental Sustainability

  • Lowers CO2 emissions
  • Mitigates heat island effect
  • Recyclable materials


  • Affordable installation
  • Lightweight – less strain on building structure
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Provides energy savings on cooling costs

Enhanced Appearance – Increased property value and safety

  • Smooth white surface with no visible seams
  • High performance EPDM rubber roof coating protection resists grease, dust and dirt
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Fire-resistant

Roofline Restoration & Exteriors offers extensive experience, knowledge and skill with the white membrane EPDM roofing installation and services in the Raymore region. Our licensed and insured roofing crew takes pride in our strong commitment to offering high performance roofing products, reliable warranties and dependable and honest service. Contact our offices to learn more and review customer testimonials that attest to our professional efficiency and proven expertise.