Tile Roofing in Overland Park

Tile roofing systems have been in use for centuries and are still recognized today as one of the most durable roofing materials that can last 50 years or more. Roofline Restoration & Exteriors in Overland Park provides skilled and certified tile roofing installation, repair and maintenance for both commercial and residential properties that offers a range of cost effective and aesthetic benefits. Choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, designs and textures available in of tile roof options that include:

Clay or Terracotta Tile Roof -A classic tile roofing options, Roofline Restoration & Exteriors installs terracotta tile roofing that is lightweight and available in a wide variety of colors and style options. Recognized for its beauty as well as its long lasting performance, clay tile roof life expectancy can exceed 50 years if installed by a ROOFING professional. Roofline Restoration & Exteriors customizes terracotta roof installations to provide home or business owners with a traditional European look or to resemble wood, shakes or slate tiling.

Concrete Tile Roof – Exceptionally durably, a concrete tile roofing systems can be used for moderate to steeper sloped roofs and provides excellent fire and wind resistance. Heavier than other tile roof options, consult with Roofline Restoration & Exteriors roofing experts to determine whether your property in Overland Park requires reinforcement prior to installation.

Spanish Tile Roof - The most popular style tile roof installation, Roofline Restoration & Exteriors installs Spanish tile roof shingles that can be customized to provide a unique and impressive appearance that will enhance the existing architecture of your Overland Park home or business.

Slate Roof Tile – Made from natural slate rock, a slate roof tile installation requires the specialized expertise of a certified and experienced tile roofing specialist to ensure long lasting performance and safety. Contact Roofline Restoration & Exteriors to learn more.

Tile Roof Installation

At one time, tile roofing was made of clay only yet today’s tile roof shingles are available in variety of materials that are highly moisture and fire resistant. Certified Roofline Restoration & Exteriors roof technicians adapt tile roof installations to various architectural styles in Overland Park that begins with a complete assessment of a range of factors. Roof pitch, underlayment, flashing and the weight of the roofing material are assessed in relation to your home or commercial building. Because tile roofing is renowned for its long lifespan, the roof deck on which it is installed must be secure and reinforced prior to a tile roof installation. More than any other roofing material, the entire process of a tile roof installation of any type or style requires the expertise of a certified roofing professional experienced with the specifics and challenges of a tile roof system application. Roofline Restoration & Exteriors technicians receive regular training and updates on the latest tile roofing techniques and industry innovations.

Tile Roof Restoration and Repair

Roof tiles should be promptly replaced as soon as damage is visible. Roofline Restoration & Exteriors roof technicians provide flexible mortar applications when damage is addressed at an early stage. Avoid costly repairs for leaks and more serious damage to tile roof systems with qualified roof inspection and maintenance for your tile roof in Overland Park that includes sealing pipes, cleaning out any debris and the replacement of slipped or broken tiles.