Chimney Sweeping in Overland Park

Serving the chimney requirements of Overland Park businesses for many years, Roofline Restoration & Exteriors provides professional chimney services that include thorough chimney sweeping and chimney inspection from our licensed and insured technicians.

What Does a Chimney Sweep Do?

Roofline Restoration & Exteriors chimney sweeps have received special training in fire prevention and include the sweeping and cleaning of smoke ducts, flue pipes, damper and all chimney components to ensure safety and prevent gas emissions and soot fires. In addition, our local chimney sweep in Overland Park will inform you on the best fuel burning methods for your fireplace and provide qualified advice to ensure its long lasting performance.

Should I Get my Chimney Inspected?

Evaluation your chimney for safety is an essential part of sensible home safety and good maintenance. Roofline Restoration & Exteriors includes chimney camera scans when necessary when carrying out a chimney inspection in Overland Park. Our experienced chimney sweeps assess masonry and chimney flues for cracks which may have deteriorated and can release toxic fumes. If dangerous levels of accumulated creosote have built up or wildlife nests are present, our chimney experts are equipped to thoroughly sweep and clean the chimney flue when verifying the condition of the flue cap, provide a crown wash and cleaning of each chimney component along with qualified chimney repair when required.

What Can I Expect During a Visit From a Chimney Sweep Near Me?

Once Roofline Restoration & Exteriors chimney sweeps arrive at your home or business in Overland Park, we perform a complete assessment of the area to ensure the safety of your property prior to beginning the cleaning. Both indoor and outdoor areas are protected from dirt and debris dislodged during the cleaning with heavy drop cloths. Although chimney sweeping is typically carried out from the top to the bottom, chimney sweeping techniques can vary to facilitate access and for safety reasons. Our experienced chimney sweeps are fully equipped with high powered vacuums with built in heavy duty filters that minimize dust release during cleaning. Specialty bristle brushes are also used to dislodge and dig deep into and safely eliminate built up soot and hazardous creosote. The interior firebox, damper and smoke shelf are also thoroughly cleaned during this process and any visible cracks or required chimney repairs are carefully n noted in a written report and presented to clients with an accurate price estimate.

How Often Does my Chimney Need to be Cleaned?

Roofline Restoration & Exteriors recommends an annual chimney safety inspection to protect your home or business in Overland Park. The recommended frequency for chimney sweeping and cleaning depends on how often your chimney is used, the type of wood or other fuel used and the ventilation quality of your chimney. Keep in mind however that regular chimney cleaning prevents a hazardous buildup of as and soot which forms into highly flammable creosote that is recognized fire hazards. Roofline Restoration & Exteriors provides advanced chimney sweeping methods that also include deep chemical cleaning for chimney that have been neglected for a long time.

When Buying a Home With a Chimney

Many home insurance companies require a chimney inspection from a certified chimney sweep. Consult Roofline Restoration & Exteriors before you purchase property with a chimney in Overland Park.